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Grade 5 – New life and new unit

Hello everyone!
We have come to the end of unit 1 and are starting unit 2 slowly! At the end of unit 1 grade 5 students visited a midwifery clinic to see a new born baby thanks to one of our parents here at ISN. Students were able to hold the 3 day old baby in their arms and see the small living being sleep, cry, and more. It was such a rare and meaningful opportunity for the students. They were able to be thinkers using the knowledge they have learnt so far to ask questions to both the mother and the nurse about giving birth. A fun fact we all learnt was that babies are heavier when they are freshly born compared to a few days after birth because they get rid of the amniotic fluid they had in their body. Thanks again to the parents who helped make this experience happen!

After the field trip, students expressed their experience through visual art. Many of them painted the scene of holding the baby because it was the most memorable experience for them.

Grade 5 started off unit 2 with the introduction of the theme and thinking about what inquiries they have thats related to the theme. Since our second unit is about nutrition, students wondered about the different types of nutrition in various vegetables and foods, why various foods have different types of nutrition, how nutrition helps our bodies, and more. We wrote and stuck them on our wonder wall!

Recently, when we have been having rainy days, the students have been very creative with what sort of games they play during recess. Previously, they made their own version of the Among Us game and this week they created a dodgeball type playing field in the classroom using balloons. It is very nice to see students be thinkers and coorporate with each other creative fun games for everyone to play.

Have a fantastic weekend and see you next week!