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Grades 3 and 4: Little Gardeners

Hi, friends! We’ve had such a beautiful, sunny, outdoorsy week. I hope you have all enjoyed as much as Grade 3 and 4 students! ☀️

This week marked the start of our Unit of Inqury 2, with the topic of Seasons. The Unit will gollow the Central Idea of “Every season has its benefits for everyone” and the students will inquire into how nature changes over the course of the four seasons and how people use nature for our own benefit. I think the Unit will be very exciting for the students, with lots of creative assignments and nature exploration.

On Wednesday, we visited a beautiful rose garden close to the Shiga gym. The students walked around the garden and enjoyed the beautiful colors and scents of the fragrant flowers. We were all impressed at how beautifully organized the garden is and the students had a nice chat with some kind older visitors to the garden.🌹

On Thursday, the students started planting vegetables in the little garden patch next to the school. If we take care of them well, and with some help from the impending rainy season, our vegetables should start growing soon. We have planted cucumbers, lettuce, and the very interesting Egyptian, or loofa, cucumbers (hechima in Japanese) which are traditionally used to make sponges! We will be able to observe them and learn how nature helps people. Also, we are looking forward to tasting them in the yummy salads we will make! 🥒🥬

The students seem interested in exploring nature, so let’s spend a lot of time outdoors! At least before the rainy season and the heat of July hit! Have a great weekend!