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Difference of trees and flowers

Hello everyone, I hope that you have been keeping well and had yourself a really good week so far. This week has been a pretty nice and easy going week. We learned about the differences between trees and flowers, and did a little bit of origami.

As said earlier, this week we have been focusing on the differences between trees and flowers. This is simply because we started learning about the two different plants and found it pretty interesting to learn some of the things that are different between the two.

To help with learning about these differences, the students also drew and wrote a venn diagram about the differences and similarities of a tree and a flower. This was another great way for the students to learn and enhance their knowledge in the two types of plants.

To close off knowledge on flowers, the students watched some really cool origami crafts and made their own garden of origami flowers. This was a nice, fun and easy way to conclude this section. This week, we will sign off by looking into shrubs and their characteristics. We’ll also be spending more time outside, looking and enjoying some of those shrubs we have at our school.

I hope that you will enjoy the rest of your week and have a great weekend. Peace!