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Grades 3 and 4: No rain can stop us!

Hi, friends! We’ve had a bit of a rainy week, didn’t we? This didn’t stop grade 3 and 4 students from having a blast, though. 💪

After planting our cucumbers, lettuce and Egyptian cucumbers last week, the students have started observing their growth and changes happening to the plants. We learned about the basic parts of every plant and the plant growth process. The students seemed to enjoy drawing in their notebooks and creating beautiful flowers out of available craft materials. They used string for roots, colored paper for petals, fabric for leaves, and some creative works even had windmill-like rotating flowers. 🥒

Students also discussed the importance of, and proper ways of taking care of plants. They concluded that each plant needs good quality soil, lots of water and sunlight, a temperature that is not too warm and not too cold and air with plenty of carbon dioxide it can turn into fresh oxygen for us. They have also devised a schedule of watering and taking care of our own class plants, so we can reap the rewards as soon as possible. 🥬

Next week, the annual swimming lessons will start at the local Shiga pool. Students seem very excited for all the fun they will have, but this was also a good chance for them to have a health lesson with the school nurse Ms. Katie, to talk about their bodies and being principled and caring to others in that regard. For next week’s swim lessons, the students are required to bring a towel, their swimsuit, a swimming cap and a plastic bag to hold their wet swimsuit after swimming. They may bring their swimming goggles if needed. Let’s all have fun swimming next week and have a great weekend! 🏊‍♀️