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Grade 5 – Growing plants and fluffy pals

Hello everyone!

This week Grade 5 students have moved onto the second line of inquiry, how do plants grow? We started by thinking about the different things that are needed for plants to grow. Students gave some ideas such as water, sunlight, pollen, and more. The first thing we started exploring about was pollen. Students practiced their note taking skills while we watched a video about how pollination works. They took these notes and are working on making a cartoon with their own creative stories. Since students identified that water is important for plants to grow, we have been making a conscious effort to water our field when there is no rain.

Swimming has started this week! When we didn’t have swimming this week the students went down to the river for PE. We all had a jump into the river and enjoyed cooling down. Students found different things such as crabs, fish, and mulberries.

We had a lovely visitor this week. She was cute, fluffy, and playful. We have a fan club now!

Have a fantastic weekend and see you next week!