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Grades 3 and 4: Creepy crawlies 🕷️🐝🐞

Hi friends! How was your week? It has been a hot one, hasn’t it? In Grades 3 and 4, the students started following the second Line of Inquiry of the Unit, “Everything around us grows (Summer)”. We learned about the different types of insects, their body parts, and about their life cycles.

The students seemed really interested in knowing more about insects and shared lots of information they knew from before! It is always great to hear students’ voices and feelings in the classroom. The students discussed how all living things in nature are interconnected and how all of us help each other, like bees pollinating flowers.

It was also the first week of swimming lessons. The students were a bit vary of entering the cold pool at first, but seemed to have a lot of fun practicing their strokes and chasing colorful jewels. The swimming lessons will continue two times a week until the end of term (start of Summer program). 🏊‍♂️

The plants the class has planted also seem to be developing well. Our Egyptian cucumbers have mostly grown little leafy seedling and we will soon be able to tie them to ropes to give them more space to climb. The students were very excited to see their plants sprout and are noting all their observations down in their diaries.

Next week, we have our first bus trip of the year! Let’s have a lot of fun! Have a great weekend. ☀️