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A week full of animals & bugs! 🐛🦁

Hi everyone!

Wow, this week was a busy one! We had to prepare for our parents to come and observe our school.

Thank you parents, for preparing pictures of your lovely dinners, students were so happy to share them and show them to their friends. Since we spoke a lot about showing respect and being friendly this week, it was great to see that students gave each other nice and friendly comments.

Grade 2 had a lot of time to practice their presentations and with help from their friends, they could do it when their parents came to watch the class!

We hope you all enjoyed the class and could catch a glimpse of what is going on in grade 2 at the moment.

On Thursday we enjoyed a bug hunting sessions with the students from Shimauchi!

We got into our groups and called our friends from Savannah. After that we guided them around our school grounds and showed them the best bug-hunting spots! We found lots of crickets, huge grasshoppers, little froggies and even a small snake! Wow!

In the end it looked and sounded like all students had a great time and were able to bond with their small friends ^_^

Today, luckily the weather was nice enough for us to go on our field trip, yay!

Everyone could get ready in time and we could make it to the zoo on time. Oh no, rain started falling when we arrived… however, it stopped as soon as we saw our first animal.

Some students were a little scared of the animals, but soon got used to them and started enjoying the zoo.

It was so nice to enjoy time together in a more informal setting. The kids could relax and we could talk about a lot of things that they enjoy.

Some students even went up to the caretakers of the animals to ask them questions!

We enjoyed our lunch and then went to play in the dinosaur park. The slides were a huge hit and students wanted to go down as many times as they could in the time we had.

It sure was a nice trip and we’re looking forward to go on another outing again in the future!!

Also, all moms, dads, grandparents; thank you for preparing delicious lunch boxes for your kids, they looked fantastic and all students were so happy to show them to their friends!!

Have a nice weekend!