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G6 opening week!

Greetings everyone. It has been a good and very hot week, I hope that you have all been staying cool and doing alright out there. This week, the grade 6 students had some of their parents visit us and we had some cool activities to do and a positive, and warm meeting. The students also learned a little more about the importance of plants, and a presentation that was a learning curve.

As said, the parents of some of the parents made their way to our doors as they visited our class. We learned about the importance of plants and the focus was on furniture on that day. The students also got crafty, and made a bed origami with their parents which was fun, quite cute and interactive for everyone. That was part of our open day, and I was happy to see the parents. We’re always happy and thankful to welcome the parents as their support is great!

That was followed by a meeting with the parents that was warm as we got into some probing questions and good laughs. This week, the students also focused on the importance of plants that we as humans benefit from, but also what other species and animals benefit from. such as food, medicine, and furniture, to name a few.

We also learned a bit about South African traditional doctors, which have been key in South African culture for hundreds of years. They’re known as, ‘iSangoma,’ or ‘iNyanga.’ They are the healers of the South African nation, which was interesting for everyone to learn about as they use herbs and various plants to make their medicine, such as trees.

This week was quite hot, so the students took to the river to cool off and we also had some fun swimming to close off the week. Thank you once again, I hope that you have a great weekend, and a better upcoming week!