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Grade 5 – Mindfulness 😊 and the world 🌏

Hello everyone!
I hope you have been having a great week. This week’s focus has been on student wellbeing through the act of mindfulness. Each morning we did a meditation session that focused on different things such as goal setting, emotions, gratitude, and more. Doing a calming activity like this helped students settle and be focused throughout the day. We will continue to incorporate this into our weeks.

Our first line of inquiry for this unit is ‘Countries and land of the world’. After learning about the continents and oceans, students decided to create a big map of the world to widen their knowledge of the placement and names of each country. The students were amazed how there were such variation in the size of the countries. For example, some thought the countries in Europe were bigger than it actually is. 🗺️

For Maths, we looked at the population density in each country and used the large map to express this. We discussed how we can do this and came to the conclusion that we can show the population of countries by colouring it in with different colours. Students learnt what a key is understood how important it is to have a key for the readers to understand what data they are looking at on the map. 🗺️

The students were challenged to become teachers by creating their own activity/ lesson to teach others about country names and flags. Everyone split into pairs and each group has come up with interesting ways and activities to do this. We are excited to share this with you during the open day! 🧑‍🏫🏫

This week, we had exciting guests come to our school. The Yasaka elementary school who we previously met through google meet, visited the Gojo campus to further deepen our relationship with each other in English. This provided an opportunity for Yasaka elementary grade 6 students to use the English skills they learnt through elementary school and provided our grade 5 students to not only be a role model as English speakers, but to also make new friends. We are excited to visit their school next! 🤩

Students also had their growth measurment and found that they have grown a large amount! It is interesting to see how tall everyone will be by the end of grade 5. 📏

This is all for this week! I hope you have a great weekend and see you next week! 🌟