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Grade 6 makes a city!

Hello everyone. Hopefully you are all doing well, and have had a good week so far. This week, we had the pleasure of some of the parents coming to visit us. The students had to develop and make their own monopoly city.

This week, ISN had open campus week as the parents were invited to come into our class to observe the lessons with the students. The parents were also invited to have lunch and to help with our cleaning as well.

The students got busy, and a little creative as they had to make their own monopoly cities and they had to include some important and major societal institutions, such as businesses, hospitals and schools.

We also keep continue to practice our dance routines for the Sports Festive that is coming up in 4 weeks. We closed off the week with a bit of cleaning and weeding the rice fields that we had planted on earlier in the year. Being outside, was quite refreshing and good for everyone involved.

Thank you for your continued support. I hope you have a lovely weekend, and a pleasant week ahead.