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Gojo permaculture, extreme sports and horror stories…

Greetings one and all!

I hope this finds you healthy and well and enjoying the changing of the seasons.

On Friday of last week, we began by considering the permaculture principle, “Use edge and value the marginal.” To begin with we considered the ecological observation that the boundary between two habitats, i.e. land/sea, forest/grassland, is generally more diverse and active than the contributing habitats. Hence, we can use this observation in designing green spaces, i.e. garden, by creating more edge in our design. With this fresh in our minds, we ventured out into the school garden and started considering how we can help this space become more fertile and productive for next years planting/growing season. We measured the boundary and also took time to observe the plants growing there and which patterns are more dominant.

In our ESL classes we were considering extreme sports, i.e. skydiving, rock climbing, etc. and our grammar work resulted in posters asking observers to guess which adventure sport is being described in the poster.

As always in the classroom, conversation is often freewheeling and unexpected in it’s subject matter and this week we ended up talking about frightening experiences in our lives. It was a lot of fun learning of each others experiences.

Middle School are also now in rehearsals for this year’s Sports Day. All shall be revealed on Saturday 14th October.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great week.