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Grade 5 – What is poetry? 📖

Hello everyone! This week, we focused on grounding ourselves not only by embodying calmness through staying still, but through movement as well. They were able to calmly express their emotions, stress and more through moving their body freely.

We have started our fourth unit, how we express ourselves, with a focus on poetry. Our first line of inquiry is what is poetry and what are the different types of poetry? Students explored this by researching about the history of poetry. They learnt that there were many famous poets who created many different types of poetry styles. A lot of students were interested in acrostic poems and several of them have made their own acrostic poems. Other thought cinquain poems were interesting because it was a bit similar to haiku poems.

On Friday, we had an amazing opportunity to get involved in the Minami-campus Halloween party. The grade 5 students organized and ran two booths for the pre-school students. They were all so motivated organizing the booths and also leading the booths on the day. Grade 5 had a face painting booth and a spider obstacle course booth. After the event, we went for a picnic at a nearby park. There we reflected on the experience and the students discussed how it was a lot of fun especially because of all the appreciation and smiles they got from others. They learnt how doing something to make someone else smile will make themselves happy as well.

The Gojo campus had our Halloween party on the 31st! We weren’t able to do all the activities we planned for the day, but the students enjoyed themselves watching a spooky Halloween movie with some treats they got from Trick or Treat.

Another exciting thing we have been doing was getting ready for our Christmas show! First, we watched the movie ‘Spirited Away’ to do our research before writing the script. They were all taking notes on what scenes they thought were important so that the story makes sense. Later students split those events into 3 scenes (start, middle, and end) and students split into teams and wrote the script for their section.

See you next time, and hope you have a fantastic weekend!