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Grades 3 and 4: Co-operation

Hello, everyone! It has been such a fun week in Grades 3 and 4. We’ve prepared for our Performance Day, practiced our presenting skills, and visited our friends in another school.

The students have been working very hard with the preparation of their show “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. We’ve spent time working in four teams: scriptwriting team, set design team, sound & music team, and costume design team. The students sat together and planned their individual tasks, and then presented their ideas to all of their classmates. Everyone shared their input with the script, deciding how many lines they want to have and which scenes they want to participate in, and the script was completed and ready to share. We did two readings of the script already, and the students seemed motivated to capture the essence of their characters with their best voices. From next week, we will practice our actions. 🎅

With all the students back at school after last week’s influenza-scare, they finally had the opportunity to present their pair work on the topic of Applied Arts. The students have taken on this Unit well, and their level of understanding is high. 🛋️

Friday was a special day. The students got to do an exchange P.E. lesson with Grade 4 students from Shiga Elementary school at their school’s gym. At first, everyone was a little bit shy, but they quickly opened up through a series of fun team-building games and playing the game of Kinball in mixed teams. By the end of the lesson, all the students were raving about how fun it was to play sports in a large group, how many friends they made and how cool Shiga elementary school’s gym is. It would be fun to have a chance to co-operate and make friends like this again. 🏐

Sadly, it was also the last day of the school year for one of our classmates. She will spend the rest of the school year in Brazil, but hopefully come back in April. We will continue to communicate with her virtually through Google Classroom. 💚

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.