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Grade 2 and the giant peach

For the last few weeks leading up to the winter holidays Grade 2 have been working hard on their Christmas production of James and the Giant Peach! I’ve been very impressed at their efforts! Not only have they been working extremely hard on memorizing their lines and learning their cues but we have also had to employ a lot of problem solving and lateral thinking!

For example, how can we get a peach to grow onstage? How can a peach fly? How can we make a peach float? How can we create the ocean on a stage? How can we make grade 2 students look like insects and ocean predators? As you can see from the photos the students costumes are looking thoroughly convincing! And how can we do all this on a budget of 10000 yen??

So far I’ve been exceptionally impressed with the results and we can’t wait to share them with you later this month at the Christmas performance!!!!