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G1 – Few days before Christmas (show)

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you are getting yourself warm because winter is coming.. And most of the time we couldn’t go to school without bringing our ear mufflers and scarves.

Look at our items for show and tell! Super cute and interesting things from friends and families. Most of what we have are presents and some we got from Gocha Gocha.

More and more of our Christmas show practice.. We all memorized our lines and we remember our turn to speak. We also know where to go after we perform our scenes but we still need more and more time so that everything will be smooth and perfect(hopefully).

We researched more kinds of storytelling from different parts of the world. We have to find out its characteristics, it origin, and other details which we think is important for everyone to know.

We then made posters out of the information we got from our research. We ended our class with our poster presentation.

Mizuki gave us yummy persimmons! We had our persimmon party to celebrate and share the food with everyone. We did it during our lunch time so we had the fruits for dessert.

We played the jumbled words game. It was fun and easy because we remembered all the words in our previous lessons.

We listened to a story of a Philippine Folktale. It was called, “The Legend of the Pineapple.” After listening to the story, we identified the different elements of a story and made a storytelling path. We used the path to retell the story to the class.

Here we are presenting our work and retelling the story to Grade 1.

Thank you very much for reading. Until next time, happy weekend!