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G6 exchange!

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all doing well and warm. Excitement and pressure increases by the day as next week, its the big day for the annual ISN Performance Day! This week, grade 6 also enjoyed a fun filled and new experience as we had a nice exchange and interactions with Aida Junior High School. Lastly this week, the students had a visit from a police official, Yoshida-san, on drugs and the importance of being able to decline drugs.

The week started off with more practices for the students. We had great feedback from the other classes on how to improve our performance, so this week we got right into areas of improvement and practiced. the student’s hard work was seen as there was great improvement on their performance from last week Friday.

The week also saw us visiting Aida Junior High School as an exchange day and experience for the grades 5~middles school. We were welcomed so warmly by the Aida 7th grade students and the teachers, who gave us a beautiful and warm tour around their school. It was a great exchange which ended with some fun and games, such hot potato and games to get to know one another.

We closed off the week with Yoshida-san from the police department visiting our school and to offer a lesson on drugs and the abuse of drugs. This was quite informative for the students as they learned different types if drugs and some of their effects. I hope these lessons will be carried on forward by the students!

Thank you once again, we hope that you have a nice week and see you next week at Pinasu Hall!