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G1 – It’s game time!

Hello, ISN family! Hope you had a great week. Our classmates started researching on the different traditional games and songs around the world. Please take a look at our pictures and check if you know how to play these games. You can also drop by our class and listen to us sing songs in different languages!

Different cool things for our Show and Tell! Which one do you like best?

We prepared for our Wonder Wall’s questions and Unit 5’s visual aids.

We helped each other to finish the puzzle. It was so difficult but fun!

Look, we made it! But we have missinbg puzzles… Where could they be?

We practiced presenting our posters. We are supposed to do it in class but we first did it with our classmates.

We made Cultural Posters for the country we chose. We also had our presentation and explained the things we were able to research about our chosen country. Then, we made a word map for ‘Culture’.

This is called Luksong Tinik! It means jumping over the thorns. Look out because you might get pricked. Do you know which country it is from?

This is called Luksong Baka or jumping over the cow. Look how high we jump! You should try it, too.

This game is called ‘Campana’ in Italian or Hopscotch in English. We all enjoyed hopping on the numbers. Sometimes we forget to pick up the marker before moving out of the box. We learned that some games are almost the same in other countries. However, they have different rules and names depending on the country or continent.

Thank you very much for reading our blog. Next week will be all about food! Yum!

See you again, ISN fam!