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Grade 2 get back to the garage!

Hello to all friends, family and fans of Grade 2!

So far this term, Grade 2 have been studying machines! We have learnt about the six kinds of simple machine and how they can be combined to make compound or complex machines! We have been sharing our favourite machines in show and tell and we have designed dream machines to help us do our least favourite household chores!

For the final two weeks of our unit we will be designing and building cars powered by rubber band, balloon, and other everyday objects! Please be ready for some questions and requests from our young mechanics! If you don’t hear any please do ask them because I’m certainly encouraging them to ask for your help! I can’t wait to find out which designs will go fastest and furthest!

Grade 2 students present their poster to the class.

Grade 2 students present a poster on two kinds of simple machine!

G2 student declares war on ISN!

Grade 2 student declares war on ISN!