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Grades 3 and 4: More on traditions

Hello, dear readers. How were your two weeks? It has been getting seriously cold, so we are spending most of our time inside. But, not to worry. The avid travelers that we are, we have been travelling all over Japan in search for the most fascinating local traditions. 👘

The students seem to really enjoy expressing themselves visually and making posters on the topic, as well as researching the uniqueness of each prefecture online. The students are very motivated for this task and enjoy sharing any information they find, as well as choosing the prefectures they want to research on their own and sharing the things they knew about them previously. They were born to be explorers! 🌍

We also opened our second (and last) Line of Inquiry of the Unit, “The importance of preserving our traditions”, by discussing if we think it is important keep our traditions alive and how can we do it. We talked about how we can join in on traditions, why is it important to make a record of the tradition to keep for future generations, and share about our traditions with others. We saw example videos as well.

On Tuesday, the 13th, as part of our learning, we will be visited by member of the community association promoting local cultures, to organize a small oyaki making workshop. Let’s participate in this local Nagano tradition. Students will need to bring their clean aprons and hats for the day. 😋

Have a nice weekend! 🍀