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G1 – Food trip

Hello, ISN family!

This week is all about FOOD! We learned what snacks they eat in different countries and what kind of ingrdients they use. This tells us the different produce they have in their country. This also tells us about their climate and geography.

Most of my classmates made arts and crafts at home. We are now being resourceful!

Ms. Phoebe is wearing a bunny earmuffler from pour classmate. It looks so cute!

Look! My classmates are looking at the different snacks children eat around the world. We tried to search on what the ingredients and procedure. We also drew a picture of the snack.

Here we presented the posters to the class.

We had three grandmas in our classroom last Wednesday. They taught us how to play traditional Japanese games. We all enjoyed and learned something new. Thank you grandmas!

We were able to follow their instructions so I think we did well with the games.

I hope we will have more Japanese toys in our classroom. Let’s play together!

We helped each other when some of us got confused on the instructions. Thank you for helping, classmates!

Our classmate’s mom bought candies for us to make pinata. We talked about what a pinata is, where it is from, and why we have one during celebrations. It was fun making our very own mini pinata!

We made posters for the different food around the world. We made a generalization about the country and its people based on the food they eat and the ingredients they use.

We also made Vietnamese spring rolls in our classroom! Ms. Phoebe explained the different ingredients used and showed us how to roll the rice paper. We didn’t know that we have to dunk the rice paper in cold water before using it!

Look at us! We all made two pieces of spring rolls. Soooo gooooood!

Roll, roll, roll, roll, roll……

Munch, munch, munch, munch, munch, munch….. Yum!

We played food bingo after eating! So fun!

Showcasing our pinata! You can take a look outside our classroom. But please don’t take our candies!

Thank you for reading our blog. Happy weekend, ISN fam!