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Leading and Managing Teams IB Workshop

Hello, everyone!

The ISN PYP leaders and heads attended an IB Workshop which focused on leading and managing teams. It was a two-day event and there were lots of information shared by Mr. Antony Geralis, the IB Workshop Facilitator.

The workshop started with the first inquiry which was trying to find out what makes a leader effective. Posters were made to explain what is done and how it is shown in each campus. Tuckman’s different stages of team’s development model was also used to identify where we are in each campus. There were so many realizations and a lot of aha moments during the collaboration with different campuses.

The articles used were shared through Padlet and answers were recorded on the same platform. Teachers also used Canva in presenting some of their posters or visual aids.

There were lots of collaborative activities and reporting for each inquiry.

There were case studies presented and evaluated. These gave the teachers ideas on how to solve certain problems within the school community. Reflecting on the kind of Leadership Intelligence one possesses was also one of the varied activities in the workshop.

Teachers also defined the school culture and the core characteristics of a team. The most difficult part was the inquiry on differentiating leadership and management which everyone thought have overlapping ideas. At the end, we realized that their should be balance and so we can’t take one from the other.

The workshop ended with a reflection and an output to be done this school year which was the action plan for each campus. It was an excellent workshop led by an excellent, knowledgeable, and passionate facilitator.