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Assessment in the IB PYP Classroom (Workshop for Teachers)

Hello, everyone!

Before the start of the school year, ISN teachers attended a workshop on assessment in the IB PYP. They discussed about the importance of assessment to all the stakeholders of the school. The different kinds of assessment and ways of assessing the students were also highlighted during the workshop.

Teachers collaborated and planned on what could be done to improve the teaching and learning proccess inside and outside the classroom.

They shared ideas and reflected on what they have been doing for the past years and try to incorporate the new strategy in their classrooms.

Teachers from preschool were also involved in the planning and they tried to modify the ways to assess that would fit Early Years.

They also looked at the different areas on teachers should focus when assessing. The templates gave ideas on what kind of questions and activities should be done that would evaluate students’ learning in reagrd to their skills, knowledge, and understanding.