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Are friends magnetic?

Dear friends and members of Grade 3! We have kicked off our new school year with a close look at maps and navigation! Of course, one essential part of map making and map reading is to know the cardinal points. How do we find the cardinal points? With a compass of course! But what makes a compass point north? How does it do that? We set to work with a magnet, compass and pens to see if we could reveal the hidden shape of a magnetic field!

Later in the month all Grades participated in planting some rice in the paddy next to the school with some local farmers! This was an amazing experience for me and the students! My very first time to get my feet wet in a paddy!

Grade 3 have done amazing work in Unit 1, I’m super proud of them and can’t wait for them to share their portfoilios with their families! I’m looking forward to continuing this upward trend throughout unit 2!!