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Grade 1 End of Unit

Hello everyone, I hope that you have all had a really good week. The weather has been rather confusing. We’ve seen quite cool days, heavy rainy days and bright, beautiful sunny days.

Grade 1 have been continuing with the first unit of inquiry, which is relationships. We have done a few activities about how to keep our relationships well and healthy. We did a few activities such the different friendly and unfriendly actions, and we learned about some polite words such as, ‘Please,’ ‘Thank you,’ etc.

In the past two weeks, we also had a rice planting day. Last week was quite nice to be out and get ourselves grimy and wet. Some of the parents also assisted us in planting rice. This even was especially quite nice as it was the first time for a lot of the students and parents to plant rice.

The final week of unit 1 has been about reflecting and looking back at what the students have learned in this unit. I was quite pleased to see that the students were able to remember some of the things that we learned in unit 1.

Thank you for visiting our blog for this week, I hope that you’ll have a good weekend and a better rest.