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2023 ISN Spring Festival!!!🌸🍎

Hello everyone 😆👌👌

We had our “Spring Festival” at ISN Gojo campus! ✨💡

We had so, so, so many of you there!
Here are some photos from today’s event 🌱

We had a great turnout of Gojo Campus students and parents, as well as ISN pre-schools and local community members!

We had more people than we could have imagined, so the food menu from the food wagon was sold out one after another 😱💓👌👌.

We hope to see you all again next year at this Festival 🥰☀️



The Gojo Campus Supporters’ prepared the booths for the bazaar early in the morning. Thank you all for your cooperation!!!!!!!✨

It was a great success and most of the food wagons were SOLD OUT💦.
By the time we tried to buy lunch, they were already sold out… too bad… 😢😂

大盛況で、なんとほとんどのフードワゴンがSOLD OUT💦

ISN Spring festival、来年度もぜひやりましょう!!