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ISN Gojo Summer Program Day 1!!!!!!!🌳🌞

皆さんこんにちは!いよいよISN五常キャンパス サマープログラムが始まりました!初日の五常キャンパスの様子をお届けします😊✨

Hello everyone!🌈
The ISN Gojo Campus Summer Program has finally begun!
Here is a report on the first day of the Gojo campus 😊✨

Many outside students have been participating in the program since day one 🌞.
This year’s summer program also has a variety of activities prepared by the teachers.
First, in the morning, all students will gather at the Gojo campus grounds🏔.
Each grade will be divided into four well-balanced groups.

Then, each of the four groups will head to their classrooms for an activity.

✔A group that does a whole-body activity with a ball 🥎.
✔A group learning about African culture.
✔A group that creates original posters, and so on and so on! ✨

Different classmates, different daily schedule.
A fresh day has ended successfully 🌈.
We will continue to keep you updated on our summer program 🌳.