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The Saturday Program in Gojo Campus🌳🌈










Hello everyone 🌞.
Summer is in full swing and it’s hot every day💦.
Last weekend, we had our Saturday Program at Gojo Campus!
For more information about the Saturday Program, please click here↓↓↓↓

This is a full-day program in English from 9:00 to 16:00🏔🐞.
In the cool of the morning, we set up the tarp on the Gojo campus grounds.
Many of the students were putting the tarp together for the first time to see if they could set it up successfully.
They were taught by Mr. Jord, the Saturday Programs teacher, and put it together on their own.
We took a break to rehydrate while setting up the tarp, but it’s done! ⛺✨
We will have a lunch break later with this tarp.

The activity for the day was “building an ecosystem”. Have you ever heard of this? It is also called a terrarium.
In a glass jar, you put gravel, soil, moss, grass and branches and finally a small amount of water. After that, you can enjoy watching the mosses and other plants inside grow while storing them in the sun.
On this particular day, we made one ecosystem per person, and at the end we all finished the ecosystem in one big jar! 🌎.
At first, the students were curious about how to make an ecosystem, but after listening to Jord’s explanation, they were able to complete the ecosystem step by step 🌈.

The day went by so fast 🌳😊✨.

You don’t have to be an ISN student to participate in our Saturday program!
Why not invite your friends and siblings and make your regular Saturday even more special? 🐝