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\Matsumoto Gojo Elementary Grade 4// Let’s learn more about timelines and the Jomon period🌞💡

We’ve had a turbulent week, studying from our classroom and from our homes. Thank you, everyone, for being so flexible and facilitating a place for our students to study with their laptops.💻

At the beginning of the week, students discussed timelines and learned how to read them. Once they were comfortable with this they started working on a timeline of their own life, thinking about important moments in their life and how they would fit in their timelines.⏰

Later this week we focused on the Jomon period and how people lived back then. We are trying to find out how life was back then, and how things have changed since then. We took a look at what kind of foods they ate, how they would hunt and gather, what their houses looked like and how jewelry and accessories influenced their culture.

Students researched the Jomon period, using their computers and the internet to find information and illustrations. Within their teams, students then merged their found information and started working on presentations and posters that will be presented to the rest of the class. Once all teams are finished, and the presentations are done, we will look for ways to link all topics to each other and find out how everything is connected.

During our research activity, one team found a fantastic English website, detailing a huge amount of information about the Jomon period! I am sure this will help students understand more about the Jomon period. Please find the link by scanning the QR code, if you are interested.