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We can do it, too! \Gojo elementary grade 5//

Parasports are sports played by people with disabilities, which can include both physical and mental disabilities.

Students in Grade 5 at the International School of Nagano, Gojo Campus, as well as Grades 4 and 6, had the opportunity to participate in a parasport last week under the supervision of Parawave Nagano members. Students learned how to ride a wheelchair and play at the same time. It was a really enjoyable and interesting experience for the students. They had the opportunity to ride the wheelchair while also playing. Students never imagined that they could participate in sports while using a wheelchair, but they did!😊✨

People with disabilities can participate in sports as well, thanks to organizations like The Nippon Foundation Parasports Support Center (Paraspo). Furthermore, the Parawave Nagano is a joint project of the Nagano Prefecture and the Paraspo.