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Grade 4 September 12-16th


As the rolling heat of Summer finally bids farewell and Autumn’s frail turning bids hello, Grade 4 has been busy with further talk of early humans and settlements.

We began the week by considering keywords and definitions for this unit.

Our list of words included, adaptation, primitive, migration, prehistory, sedentary, hunter-gatherer, neolithic, settlement, and technology.📖

Moving on from this, we looked at the example of Ohalo II in present day Israel. Dated to 21,000 BCE, it is considered to be one of the earliest known examples of a hunter-gatherer site in the world.

Ohalo II is fascinating in many ways. From its discovery on the shores of a receding lake to the large variety of domesticated seeds and plants, as well as 6 finely preserved brush hut dwellings and evidence of flint tools.

We continued from here to look at the Jomon period in Japan. First, considering how people arrived in Japan and then looking at both their hunter-gatherer and later sedentary lifestyles.

The class seemed to really enjoy a debating game we did. They had to choose 4 items from a list to bring to a deserted island. The debate was really lively and they were all really great at expressing their opinions, as well as negotiating with the opposing group.

In the final part of the week, we began thinking about how early examples of housing were constructed. They were then presented with a challenge to build a brush hut dwelling at the Gojo campus.😲🌀

Hope you have a nice week.

Take care!