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Sep 12-16th Grade 6😊✨

Hello everyone.

A productive week is behind Grade 6. We continued our inquiry into the Human Body by talking about the skeletal system and the nervous system. The students seem to enjoy learning about Science and seem to know a lot about their bodies already. We especially had fun answering quiz questions and watching informative videos. Did you know that the smallest bone and muscle in our body are actually in our ears? They control our hearing. 

We would like to use this chance to introduce a new friend in our classroom: Aoi jr. or Tom. He was assembled by the students while researching the placement and use of various parts of our skeleton. He’s a good boy. 🦴

We will continue our inquiry by covering other human body systems and talking about how everyone can keep their own body healthy. The students have also started planning for this year’s Performance day. Lots of interesting things await us! 🎅

On Tuesday, the students participated in an Intruder drill. We discussed strategies of protecting oneself when facing a potentially dangerous intruder and practiced hiding in a designated safe spot. We were also visited by the local police officers who informed the students of the objectives of the drill and the possibility of other dangerous situations taking place. Thank you to everyone involved! 🤩


Grade 6は、充実した1週間を過ごしています







今後、他の人体の仕組みについて調べ、皆が自分の体を健康に保つことができるようにする方法について話し ていきます。
また、生徒たちは今年のPerformance dayの計画を立て始めています。たくさんの面白いことが私たちを待っています