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Grade 6; September 30

Hello, everyone! 👋

2 weeks have passed since our last blog and a lot of things have been happening. Firstly, the weather has been changing so much and these days it truly feels like Fall. Secondly, the students have been very busy with working in the rice field, learning about more human body systems, researching the lives of some inspiring personalities and planning for the upcoming Performance Day.

After helping the Grade 4 students with planting and weeding the rice this Summer, the Grade 6 students were asked to offer a hand with the cutting of the rice and hanging it out to dry. Led by the teachers, the students tried their best and by lunch the entire rice field was prepared for the Fall. The next step is to wait for the rice to dry and then we will be able to harvest it and make mochi! 🌾

Continuing with the main topic of our current Unit of Inquiry, the students learned about the interesting Nervous, Endocrine and Immune systems. We talked about our senses, how our brain works and the importance of keeping your spine safe. The students took a quiz to determine which side of their brain they employ more. We talked about which of our hormones are released in what situations and why it is important that our body controls the levels of those hormones.

Did you know that the reason teenagers feel very sleepy in the morning is because the hormone that helps us fall asleep, called melatonin, is released very late at night in their bodies, so they can’t sleep early and wake up tired? Did you know that the reason they take lots of risks is because the thrill-seeking part of their brain develops before the one that makes decisions? 😴

During this Unit, we wanted the Learner Profile attributes the students will focus on to be Reflective and Balanced. The students discussed what those words mean and came to the conclusion that being Reflective means thinking about your past actions in order to do better in the future, and being Balanced means taking care of different parts of your life equally, not too much or too little of anything. They researched and prepared posters on the topics of well-known people who they think exhibit these characteristics: Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe and Isaac Newton.

The students decided on the idea for their Performance day, their roles and started discussing the details and watching reference material. Next week, we will discuss it further, as well as plan our exciting 2-day trip, in the planning of which the parents have been involved as well. 🧳

Have a nice weekend!



この夏、4年生の田植えと草取りを手伝いましたが、稲刈りと稲架掛けも手伝うことになりました。先生の指導のもと、生徒たちは一生懸命に作業し、お昼には田んぼ全体が秋の準備に入りました。次は、稲が乾くのを待って、稲刈りと餅つきをする予定です 🌾

現在のUnit of Inquiryのメイントピックの続きとして、生徒たちは興味深い神経系、内分泌系、免疫系について学びました。私たちの感覚、脳の働き、そして背骨を守ることの大切さについて話しました。生徒たちはクイズに答えて、自分の脳がどちら側をより多く使っているかを調べました。私たちは、どのホルモンがどのような状況で放出されるのか、また、なぜ体がそれらのホルモンのレベルをコントロールすることが重要なのかについて話をしました。