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Grade 6: Blood, Sweat and Tears

Hi, everyone! Another nice week is behind us. The students spend most of their time continuing activities from last week and preparing for Saturday’s Sports Festival.

皆さん、こんにちは!Grade 6の様子をお届けします!先週からのアクティビティを行いつつ、まもなく行われるSports Festivalの準備も進めています😊✨

We continued our inquiry into the workings of the human body by talking about the circulatory system. The biggest help was a wonderful presentation prepared by Aoi and Kaisei, on the topic of Blood. They shared with us their findings on the consistency of blood, different blood types and what makes up blood. They also talked about animals that drink blood, primarily leeches, which may seem yucky, but can be very helpful and are used for medicinal purposes. Did you know that if you line up all of one person’s blood vessels, you can go around the Earth four times? 🩸



The students also shared ideas and started their research on the things each of us can do to keep our own body healthy. They all agreed that proper diet, lots of exercise and a nice environment are part of the mix, but it was interesting to see them focusing on finding the balance between all of those things and using time management skills to make sure you spend enough time on each of them, but also on things that make you happy. The students suggested everyone make a personal calendar of things any one of us wants to do to improve our health. This will help keep us on the right track, but also make sure we have time to enjoy the things we love. 📅


As part of a school-wide effort to make deeper connections between different grade levels, the students took on a task of re-thinking and evaluating the class’ Essential Agreements. It was interesting for them to see how what they have perceived as the rules the school imposes on them and things they themselves think should be improved in the classroom are actually connected and come from the same place. 💡


Finally, this week will finish on Saturday with the Sports Festival. The students have spent their P.E. lessons this week and the entire Friday morning in preparing their dances and practicing the Sports they are participating in. Among other things, the students will participate in an obstacle race, a scavenger hunt with their parents, a relay, tug-of-war and interesting international games. Let’s hope for nice weather on Saturday and hope to see you all there. Have a nice weekend. ⚽

Sports Festivalが近づき、体育の授業でも練習していますよ!借り物競争やリレー、その他にも日本以外の競技もあります!当日も頑張ります!