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G6: Culture & Fashion, how do they connect?!

This week we researched how clothing can show our culture. Students looked up several different traditional pieces of clothing/outfits that are worn around the world. We found examples from places they had been or had lived! We drew a (semi-accurate) world map on our whiteboard and pinned all outfits to their corresponding countries, all the while having fun figuring out what “blob” on the world map represented what country.


Students chose a piece of clothing/outfit that they were most interested in, did a small research assignment, and then presented their posters to each other! Since we are practicing for our Christmas performance we focussed on using loud voices and proper pacing 🙂 Everyone showed interesting posters, adding information while presenting (after a couple of hints from the teacher..!)

生徒たちは、自分が一番興味のある洋服や衣装を選び、ちょっとしたリサーチをした後、ポスターを発表し合いました。クリスマスに向けて練習しているので、大きな声を出すこと、間合いを取ることに重点を置きました。) 先生からヒントをもらいながら、情報を加えながら、みんな面白いポスターを見せてくれました。

Students working on their posters for their presentation!

During the second half of the week our focus shifted toward more contemporary styles of fashion, we watched two interesting YouTube videos: and this helped us get a better understanding about how we can integrate things around us in our fashion and how to solve waste issues that come forth from fast fashion.


Leading into next week, we will focus on making our own fashion, drawing, and designing. I hope students will be able to incorporate their interests in their designs, be it hobbies, their own cultural background, or any other interests! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

来週に向け、自分たちのファッションを作ること、絵を描くこと、デザインすることに焦点を当てます。趣味や自分の文化的背景など、自分の興味あるものをデザインに取り入れてもらえたらと思います 素敵な週末をお過ごしください 🙂