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G-2 The Bremen Town Musician Christmas Show

Good day to our dear parents.

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Grade-two students who were luckily chosen as a guest performer in the pre-school Christmas show presentation that was held last December 14 in Matsumoto Performing Arts Center. The feedback that we heard from the pre-school teachers served as a motivation for us to improve more our play for our presentation in Gojo Christmas show. The things that we needed to improve in our play were acting, tone, speed of voice, timing and even in our blocking. During the Elementary Christmas show presentation, we were so grateful because some of the things that we practiced to improve were gladly applied by the students and turned it successfully. Though there were some notable mistakes happened during the play, it seems the outcome of if it was great based from the teachers and parents’ reactions and feedbacks. Thank you parents for your great appreciation.

This kind of event in the school is really helpful and useful for us especially in achieving our unit 4’s objective, Performing Arts enable us to share our perspectives with the world. We were so grateful to say that we completely applied all types of art that we discussed in our lesson from Music (by singing some songs), Visual Art (by painting and drawing our props), Literature (by learning a story), Sculpture (by creating an image out of paper), and Performing Art (by acting The Bremen Town Musician play) during the play. Please enjoy of some photos that we have from our Christmas Show Presentation. Have a wonderful holidays to your family.