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~Grade3~The Week After!

Greetings everyone. We hope that you have been well and warm this week. Last Friday the student endured a little bit of a pressure filled day as we had our final rehearsal before the Christmas Performance.

We had a lot of improvements to input, due to this and so we got right into the work when we returned to our classroom. We also changed quite a few things, but the students did so well to adjust to the rigorous changes.

The students were absolute stars on the day of the Performance. They arrived quite early on a cold Saturday morning, but they had great energy and excitement to get on stage. They got dressed and we also practiced a couple of times, just to warm up for the show.

Performance Day前日まで、Grade3は忙しく、そして直前の変更までありました!😲ですが、生徒たちは、急な変更にも柔軟に対応できましたよ!(素晴らしい👏👏👏)
そしてPerformance Day当日…💓

Performance Dayが終わって、すっかり年末モードの生徒とスクール。


Once we got on stage, all the hard work and time that the students had put in just shone brightly! An excellent performance from the students, to cap off a long preparation process.

This week has been pretty relaxed, and the highlight was a mini bus trip to Azumino Alps Park. Once again, thank you for your continued support and hard work. The success of the Christmas Performance would have been achieved without you!