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Grade 6: Performance Day

Hello, everyone! The past two weeks have been very exciting and a little bit stressful. Grade 6 students prepared diligently for their performance of “Home Alone?”, practicing their lines and fine-tuning their staging. On Friday, we practiced at the event hall and on Tuesday, we assisted Grade 5 with preparing for their PYP Exhibition, like the good senpai that we are. 🎅

Finally, the big day came. The students seemed nervous in the morning, but managed to relax a little bit while watching other classes’ performances. We laughed a lot, clapped and sang. The students were anxious to start performing and, when it was their turn to get on stage, helped set up all the props as quickly as they could and performed with their best big voices and movements, despite being a little bit nervous. We all hope you enjoyed the performance and let’s support the students next year as well. ⛄

The students reflected this week on the show, saying that they enjoyed making and organizing the props for the stage and seeing their schoolmates perform. The thing they didn’t enjoy were how nervous they got about speaking in front of others. Let’s think of ways to help them come out of their shell and be less shy. 🎁

We’ve spent the rest of week having a lot of rest time, lazying around and spending some quality time with our G5 and Middle School Friends. Sometimes we all just need to unwind. We finished our year with a small Christmas party, playing games and watching a movie. Thank you for your support with the preparation and we hope you have the most wonderful holidays. Happy New Year! 🎄


Grade6は、Performance Dayの演目に “Home Alone? “という劇を行いました。