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A Little Something Extra for Everyone

“ Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.“ – Dr. Seuss.

It’s the season for Christmas performances. From elementary school to the middle school musicals and music class band concerts, every production begins with a dedicated teacher, at least three weeks time for practice, and, of course, teamwork from both the teachers and the students. It begins with considering who the participants are in the group and then finding a play or a story line that can show off their strengths as a group and then as individuals.

We then highlight each of the roles with a song or a dance within the play so that each gets a chance to shine on stage. The students look forward to finding out what the play will be and how they will be able to contribute.

With pre-performance jitters, seeing the support of their classmates and teachers, the middle school students realize they’re able to do it and they get that sparkle in their eyes as their confidence grows. 

What we found meaningful and thankful for is being able to witness a student who is new to the school, who finds friendship and connection through working with classmates on the movements to the songs and discussion of different perceptions  as well as moral lessons from stories (fables) into every character and further relating their individual experiences . Then, imparting their knowledge to the younger students through the Christmas performance show. Thus, creating a wonderful and entertaining performance – a gift to the parents and audience (of all ages).