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One Who Shines Bright in Reaching Great Heights Without Light

“ We can all be heroes: in our virtues, in our homes, in our lives. – James Ellis”

In our discussion,  we were able to talk about heroes who were consumed by their ideals. Those who have been imprisoned or killed for what they believe in. We have agreed that their works are definitely heroic, but to be inspired to follow that same path isn’t quite engaging. We have come to agree upon the conclusion that each and every one of us has the potential to become heroes.

A hero could be that stranger you come across with on the road who talks about how he lost his job and his individuality, yet manages to get back on track starting from zero, and succeeds. A hero could be a woman who takes on the role of both the mother and father in the family, determined with a strong sense of responsibility, who goes through each day in order to pave way for her children to succeed in the future. A hero could also be a young person who struggles each day to stay in school, yet aspires to finish and diligently works his way towards his goal.

We could also call the workers who are often underpaid, yet still continue to do their work for the community. Heroes could be those who clean our surroundings and keep the city green. Heroes could be survivors of tragedies or disasters who strive to help each other or those who have the same experience to show them that they can get through the difficulty. Seeing a hero in an orphan or an adopted child who despite being heartbroken, manages to have hope in the goodness of people and have faith in love and in life.

Heroes have the knowledge and experience to tell a story, to shed light, to advise or persuade, to nurture and inspire others.

It is high time that we need to change our perspective on our ideals of heroes. Let us try and think of heroes where heroism becomes a way of life. For we have come to realize that there is no need to focus on heroic acts, but rather on daily dignity where what we do is no longer just a job but a complex and genuine characterization. We are all heroes, or are about to become one.

This week, the Value Books staff are our heroes.