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Welcome, welcome, roll up, roll up!

Grade 4 have been busy busy busy preparing for their:

Big Happy Variety Market

It has been a really fun and enjoyable project and the students have seemed well inspired by the prospect of putting into action what they have learned throughout this unit.

Watching them collaborate with their partners and encourage each other in their endeavour has been very gratifying.

Likewise, considering how to make the experience of shopping more “magical” and “memorable” has also helped to form some special memories.

On Tuesday morning, we stood outside on the balcony and linked a new vocabulary word from our Guided Reading “desolate” to observing its opposite in the abundant nature that surrounds Gojo. We extended our observation through our senses, feeling the sunlight, hearing the bird sounds, smelling the air, seeing the trees, etc.

We then considered if we could share these feelings with our Big Variety Market. How could we present people with something memorable? Something that makes them feel alive? Share the love we were creating in our work?

The proof is in the pudding and we hope our various cakes and cookies will be proof enough.

Thank you for reading and for all your assistance in helping your child with their project.

Have a wonderful week.