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Closing out unit 5

Greetings everyone. I hope that you have all had a great week and a nice little holiday to celebrate the emperor’s birthday.

Grade 3 had a nice week to just close out unit 5. We needed to reflect on what we’ve learned in unit 5, and I think this was one of the most interesting units that we have worked on. Learning about space was something that the students took an interest in. To be honest, learning about space blows my mind just as much as the students.

This week, we also had to switch our attentions to unit 6, which is all about government systems and the rights and responsibilities of humans and children. Hopefully the students will have a good time at this!

Since this is the last unit of the school year, its also going to be a good time to remind students about the next stage of their learning progression as they head towards their 4th grade of elementary school.

We will also reflect on the past year. Have a good weekend, and stay safe. See you next week!