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Who We Are

Hello, everyone.

Today’s blog is about Unit 6, Who We Are. In this unit, we mainly focus on human relationships (i.e., families, friends, communities and cultures). We need to learn words such as etiquette, gratitude, friendship, trust, kindness, and consideration. Also how we develop/build and maintain good relationships with the people around us..

We started the unit by creating our own background designs of our unit cover. Secondly, we conducted a survey about our personal information by presenting some of the things that we like and dislike to everyone. These include our family members, interests, best friends, favorite subjects, foods, games, places, etc.

The first word that we learned is etiquette. “The true meaning of etiquette is always to show respect and kindness to everyone around you.” We then evaluated ourselves if we are able to follow this virtue in our everyday lives.

How about you? Do you practice this virtue? How do you show it to others.

I hope you will also be a good example to your family, friends and neighbors.

Until next time, everyone. Thank you for reading our blog.