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The harmful and the beneficial

Greetings one and all,

With slightly warmer days and the first yellow glimpses of Adonis Ramosa, Spring is slowly gracing us with her presence once again in Gojo. Fare thee well Winter!

And in the Grade 4 classroom, we have been learning about bacteria and asking questions about diseases.

We finished last week by considering what we would like to learn about in Unit 6. There was a definite prevalence for learning more about diseases in general, i.e. When did they begin? Where do they come from? What’s the worst kind of disease?

We then considered useful vocabulary for this unit, i.e. immune system, contagious, vaccine, virus, were among some of the words we considered.

Following on from this we had an overview of bacteria and viruses. We saw how bacteria can be both harmful and beneficial. We also saw that viruses need a host to be able to survive.

In the latter half of the week, we then moved on to look at some diseases in detail and how they affect people as well as whether they are treatable or fatal.

Going into next week, we will begin to look at medicine.

Take care and hope you have a wonderful week.