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Hello dear parents and guardians. Today’s blog is about etiquette.

In this lesson, we learned about consideration, gratitude, friendship, trust, and kindness not only to the people around us but also to all the living things around us.

For further understanding about this lesson, the students have their feedback, reflection, and made posters. G-2 students shared the different ways on how to show and practice the following virtues:

1. consideration- letting the elderly, Persons with disabilities and even short people be the first in line whatever transactions.

2. Gratitude- remember to always say thank you to those who give them letters/ presents and those who are nice to them.

3. Friendship- to be friendly to others despite differences in race/nationality.

4. Trust- to make sure that they are dependable and that their parents can rely on them when it comes to household chores or school work.

5. Kindness- to always say good words, and be caring to those in need.

Which virtues are you able to practice?

Thank you for reading our blog. Don’t forget to check our pictures.