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Grade 6: Technology

Hello, everyone! The temperatures have really been rising this past week, and Grade 6 students were among those who enjoyed the extra playtime outside. Spring is truly on its way! 🌸

Spring approaching also means the end of the school year. With parent/teacher/student conferences happening this week, the students have spent time reflecting on the previous year, all of their work and achievements. The students agreed that the definitive highlight of the school year was the 2-day class trip to Nagoya past December, while their favorite Units of Inquiry were those on the topics of Peace and Physics. Thank you to all the parents for joining the reflection meetings as they are a very important step in the students’ education journey. 🤗

Continuing our inquiry into the current UOI, the students discussed the meaning of technology and how it improves our lives, but also comes with certain negative consequences. They grouped various types of technology and prepared short presentations on each group. They also researched some famous open-minded and balanced individuals, such as Frida Kahlo, Muhammad Ali and Stan Lee, as these are the learner profile attributes we will focus on during this Unit. It is important for the students to embrace new technologies, but also be able to achieve healthy lifestyles by balancing the use of computers and other gadgets with other, varied activities. 💡

Have a lovely weekend, and we are looking forward to seeing you at the music concert next Friday! 🎵