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LOI 1 Project Making


Today’s blog is about how grade two students chose their project and what are they doing right now. To give you an update about this week activities, in Math (morning), we were doing numbers in words in 2-digit and how to tell the time, we believe that expressing the numbers in words is a good preparation for them to improve their spelling skills and confidence in English. They also reviewed and improved their skills in telling the time by answering some drills and worksheets.

In UOI, here are some worksheets or exercises that we did before we finally decided on our project.

  1. We used KWHL strategy for organizing the information about the topic. (Ex. what you know, what you want to know, how you will learn, what you learned)
  2. We drew and identified (noun) anything/ anyone that we can see at school.
  3. We wrote things how we can help/ contribute the school’s improvement.
  4. We used WH-questions for more inquiries in LOI 1.

After gathering all these ideas, from the list of projects, we chose what projects we want to make. The choices were diorama, drawing, painting, poster, song, drama, story, essay, and news casting. Some of us chose diorama which we think is easier for us.

We are also doing some preparations for our upcoming Spring Festival. We prepared a shooting gallery and shooting balls for our booth. So far, we already collected and painted some tools that we need and hopefully we will finish it by Friday.

To all the parents who are involved in this Spring festival preparation your support is truly appreciated.

Thank you.