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Grade 5 – New Friends

Hello everyone!
This week we have been transitioning from our first LOI: What is a life cycle and what happens in each stage? to our second LOI: Observing the life cycle of fish. As part of the second LOI we have welcomed some new friends into our classroom…..Killifish! Grade 5’s have finished their life cycle poster of their chosen animal and now are learning about the life of a Killifish. Students had a challenge this week to find out how to tell the difference between a male and a female Killifish without using their laptops/ the internet. It was interesting to see the different resources they thought to use. A few asked other teachers that are knowledgeable in the science field, others went to the library to find a book, and couple used their science textbooks. They are taking care of the fish by setting up a feeding schedule themselves. The students are using their social, communication and thinking skills when discussing and making decisions with their classmates.

Grade 5’s also used these skills when creating their spring festival activity. They had to work in teams, delegate and put everything together in the end. They have been working really hard on it and are excited to share with you the final product!

For English Maths, we looked at the lifespan of different animals, compared them, and learnt how to make bar graphs with the data they collected. If the average lifespan of an animals was a decimal, It was encouraged for students to use the decimal number for the graph.

For English, we learnt about direct and indirect speech. Students made their own example sentences. We used this to play a game where the class was split into two teams and had to quiz the other on whether their sentences were direct or indirect speech. Both teams were very good at getting it correct and got many points!

Next week, we will be continuing with observing the life cycle of a fish!