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Grades 3 and 4: Jobs and arts

Hi, friends! I hope you had a lovely week.

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for joining Saturday’s Open day and ISN Spring festival. It was a nice experience getting to meet everyone and see your support of the students. The students seemed to enjoy the morning lesson as well and they truly cherished being able to share their awesome ideas and cool findings with their parents. 🌻

The afternoon’s project of setting up a Haunted House activity went great as well. There were many, many visitors and the students had to do a very difficult job of organizing the line, showing everyone the ropes and (most importantly) scaring everyone! It was hard work on the day and during entire last week, but it paid off, because everyone was full of words of praise for the activity. The students seemed very happy and proud of this, some even proclaiming that they want their future activities organized as a class, such as the Performance day and the Sports festival, to be the best in the school. 👻

This week, we continued inquiring into how members of a community work together and help each other. We talked about families, classrooms and schools as examples of communities. Students drew portraits of different school teachers and discussed how they come together and help each other. Each member of our community has an irreplaceable duty and we all help each other.

It was a week filled with arts as well; the students were so happy to receive their new paint sets and were anxious to use them. So on Thursday, we went outside to enjoy a beautiful, sunny day, and to showcase our painting skills. We talked about color theory and how, by mixing colors, rather than simply using them straight out of the paint tube, we can truly showcase what we have envisioned. The students showed a lot of versatility with their paintings that was very nice to see. The paintings will be hung up near the classroom at school (our first art exhibition of the year!), so feel free to visit and check them out! 🎨

In English lessons, we did some essay writing, practicing organizing our thoughts in a separate paragraphs. The students reflected on last Saturday’s Spring Festival, so this was a good chance to turn their attention to proper use of present and past tense, which is something the class still seems to struggle with. I’d like to focus on this in their English lessons in the coming weeks as well.

On the practical skill side of things, I’d like to focus on the students’ time management skills and them being more focused on the jobs at hand. The students are doing well at this right now, with reminders from the teachers, but ideally they would grow to be able to manage their own time and studies individually.

Lastly, one small announcement. Due to Golden Week holidays, the school will only open for two days next week: Monday and Tuesday. I hope you have a lovely weekend! ☀️