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G5 and 6 turn the old to gold!

Ola to everyone! As we’ve turned another week, we look back at some of the things that we got down to. I hope that everyone is well, and had a great week. The 5th and 6th grade classes spent some time with the elderly people of Shigamura, at the Pinus Hall, and everyone had themselves a time of all times!

We all got back from the holidays and straight into the thick of things as we had to prepare for the exchange with some of the elderly and tender people of Shigamura, at the Pinus Hall. This was a chance for a networking and crossing of generations which was pretty special to witness. The grade 6 students prepared a presentation about a general background of ISN. This included, a little bit of history of ISN, a tiny bit of our daily schedule and some of the biggest and main events that are held at ISN.

A special thanks, to the music teacher, Ms. Inuma for also preparing and helping us with the songs that the students had to sing for the audience. After the presentation and songs by the students, there were games that the students prepared and executed pretty well, and fun was had! Monopoly, sugoroku, UNO, and other pretty fun interactive games were great for everyone.

This week was also a great chance for the students to get a few lessons from the school nurse, Ms. Kitazawa on the importance of health. As we continue with our theme and 1st Unit to learn about our bodies, the students are going to focus on the digestive system this week. We will get down and dirty with a cool digestive system experiment.

Thank you for your continued support, I hope you all have a great week ahead and stay safe!