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G1 – Nature’s First Green is Gold

Hello, ISN family!

Another rainy Thursday to everyone. The pitter patter of raindrops keep falling not just on our heads but also on our plants. Such a lovely sight to see!

For this week, here are our classmates who shared things they made at home. We forgot to include one of our classmate because Ms. Phoebe left her phone at home on that day. We saw new things today like a new eraser, coins from the UK, old pictures of our classmate when she was still in nursery school, home made pokemon cards, keychains, a painting of Claude Monet, and a hydrangea lamp! We got some cool things this week!

We also made our very own My Book of Nature Shapes. We tried to draw the different shapes we see in nature and place it in the appropriate box. We didn’t finish yet so we hope to finish by Friday. The others just stayed inside and observed through pur glass windows and doors. But the others wanted to go out so they did and brought their clipboards with them.

We had to water our plants because Monday to Wednesday were so dry and hot. We have to make sure that our plants are getting enough water so it grow fast and tall!

By the way, we also had pour hearing test this week. Our nurse said that everyhting was fine so we do not need to worry. We are waiting patiently for our turn.

Here we are sharing to everyone our work. We went to a lot of nature walk this week and did some observations. We tried to compare what we had with other classmates and talk about the things that were the same and different.

We also made a poster for our classmates’ missing things. We got a missing umbrella and a hat. But the good news is, we found both! Thank you for all your help.

Another trip around the neighborhood to explore and experience nature. It was a lovely day!

This is one of our team’s task during our English class. We all finished on time and did great because most of us got a perfect score!

Another watering task for our plants to grow healthy and strong just like us.

We say some berries and our classmate told us that they have one at home. Everyone was so curious how it looks like and even how it tastes like.

It is the mulberry fruit!

Today’s Parents Observation Day was great. We were so happy to see our parents our school. They joined us for our UOI class and we did some performances for our parents to watch. We then explained to them the different stations inside and outside the classroom. These stations are the spots where we put the things we did for the unit’s tasks.

We ended our day with a nice movie. Since unit 2 is about nature, we watched a movie called ‘A Bug’s Life.’ It was such a great movie and everyone enjoyed.

Take a look at our peonies, radishes, and lettuce! Happy to see soooooo many sprouts!. Hoooraaaaaay!